Labels and Names

Here’s the problem: You can memorize all the terms, understand their origins, become conversant in the nuances, even know when not to use them. The Zionists and Palestinians. The settlers and the freedom fighters. Those who support Fatah or Hamas or Likud or Labor. And then you meet the people and they confuse you.  Like […]

Jordan Impressions

Traveling to Jordan for 10 days was truly a leap of faith.  I went to listen, learn and find out what could be done to help the Syrian refugees.  I came back with some answers and many questions.  But here are some of my simple impressions of the country of Jordan. 1. Jordan is the […]

Just a Note

It was a lovely World Vision event at a beautiful location with delicious food and an inspiring speaker.  I was a bit surprised when, during a break in the program, we were all asked to help place school supplies in a backpack for a needy child somewhere in the world.  Then we were asked to […]