Five Unexpected, Everyday Places to Pray

One of my resolutions for this year was to pray more consistently every day. I want to build habits that remind me to pray, even when I get caught up in details and distractions. I began to make a list of my own and then asked friends for their creative ideas. Here’s a list of everyday place to pray that may help remind you to pray, too:

1.While exercising.
The rhythm of my feet on the treadmill provides a very helpful way for my distracted mind to become more centered. I’ve never been good at sitting still and find I’m more able to pray meditatively while exercising.

2. In the shower.
A friend of mine realized that during her morning shower she began to think about her busy day and become more and more anxious. So instead she decided to use that time to ask God to bless her day and to give her wisdom and insight. I love this idea and find it really helps me offer my day to God. When no one is listening, I may even sing a hymn.

3. In the car.
Another friend told me she keeps an index card on her dashboard to remind her to pray for people when she’s stopped at red lights. Since I started doing this, I’ve noticed I’m a much more patient driver. I think a “Stop & Pray” movement could eliminate road rage altogether.

4. During afternoon tea or coffee.
I once worked with a woman who would close her door at 3pm every day for tea time. For 15 minutes she’d sip her tea and “recalibrate” as she liked to say.  Then she’d jump back in to work with new energy.

I’m a coffee person myself but come mid-afternoon I usually need a caffeine boost. Now as I have my afternoon coffee I try to pause and pray, asking for wisdom and energy to finish my day strong and faith-filled.

5. While doing a boring task.
Most of us have some regular task we don’t enjoy. Maybe it’s folding laundry or vacuuming. For me, it’s emptying the dishwasher. Now I make a point of thanking God for my many blessings while I put dishes away. It makes the job go faster and does wonders for my attitude.

These are just some of the ideas I’ve used to make prayer a more regular element in my day. Use them to get you started and develop your own list.

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