Go and Tell

The first time I visited a poor country I was suddenly aware of my true value to the world. I had no medical skills to help the sick. I didn’t know how to dig a well to provide clean water. I knew little about the crops that grew or how to make them more productive.

My skills are all first world dependent. My MBA, so helpful to business in the US, is quite irrelevant to subsistence farmers or children suffering from malnutrition. My ability to read a balance sheet or produce strategic plans is meaningless in a poor village with no source of clean water.

But I can write. And take photos. And share stories. So I go in order to tell, always aware that what I see comes with a responsibility to explain to others.

This trip takes me to Kenya where I will see programs aimed at helping women and children. I go with World Vision, an organization that has been close to my heart for a very long time. World Vision saves the lives of children as well as men and women. In many ways, World Vision saved my life by turning me from being so centered in my own culture to understanding that the world is so much bigger than what I see in my little corner of it.

So I go to Kenya expecting to learn much and hope I can share even a small part of what I see with others.

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