My ‘Between Friends’ Travel Log

I’m heading back to Jordan today and my friend, Lisa, asked if I’d take her along.  She was joking, of course, but then we began to talk and she asked me to write to her about the things I see in a personal way.   A “between friends” way.  So that’s what I’ll be doing on this blog.  I’m not writing for a publication but rather to take you along on my journey.

I’ll try to be your eyes and ears as I visit this amazing country, rich with ancient history and now an island in the middle of a very modern conflict.  I’ll tell you what I’m hearing from the Jordanians and the refugees from Syria and Iraq.  I won’t try to be objective or even journalistic.  I will try to write this to Lisa and others who wish they could come along.

I hope you’ll join me as we spend the next 10 days traveling through the Kingdom of Jordan.

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