Support for Syrian Refugees

The numbers are mind boggling.  Just this week the 1millionth Syrian refugee entered Lebanon, a country with a population of just four times that number.  Jordan now has nearly 600,000 refugees.  We hear about the numbers daily, so much so that we begin to become numb to them.

I’ve talked about this issue for so long that I know the time has come to act.  I have to do something.  So I am buying a ticket to Amman, Jordan, and spending two weeks in May meeting refugees and those who assist them.  I’ll ask simple questions like, “How can we help?”  “What do you need?” “How can we show we care even if we can’t stop the war?”

I hope to come back with some stories abut how we can all help.  It may be a small thing but it’s a start.

Photo by Kevin Cook, World Vision.

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