Everyday Miracles

This award-winning book is about motherhood in all its wonder.  A great present for new moms.


The Skeptic’s Guide To Global Poverty (The Skeptic’s Guide)

Why are so many people still poor, and what—if anything—can be done to help them? The Skeptic’s Guide to Global Poverty provides answers to the challenging questions many people have about the poor. Ranging from how poor people feel to ways governments keep their people poor, the book discusses various aspects of poverty and its […]


Second Calling: Passion and Purpose for the Rest of Your Life

Bob Buford’s book Half Time helped men definitively move from success to significance in the second half of their lives. Women over 40 long to redefine the rest of their lives, too. Many books focus on the negatives of aging and how to ?survive? it. But Dale Hanson Bourke and the friends she interviewed ? […]


Everyday Miracles: Unexpected Blessings in a Mother’s Day

You’ll laugh and cry with Dale Bourke as she tells how motherhood has made her vulnerable, taught her that love is not something to be earned, helped her recapture a sense of wonder, and given her an understanding of the miracle of God’s forgiveness.